Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Importance of Fall Clean up

Red sunset red maple and patio installed 2000

Fall is a great time to spruce up your yard. 

Putting a little work into your landscape now will pay off next growing season.
  • Take advantage of the wet weather and cooler temperatures by planting trees, shrubs and bulbs.
  • Rake up the leaves, if not, they will harbor detrimental insects and kill the grass leaving dead patches in the spring.
  • Fertilize your lawn with a slow release fertilizer and put down grub control.
  • Remove thatch and aerate your turf.  This will allow air, water and nutrients to get down to the roots.
  • Trees and shrubs planted in the past 2 years should be thoroughly watered by the end of November.  This will help them get through the long winter.

Our knowledgeable friendly staff can complete your landscape fall clean up within a day or two.
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