Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Weed and Feed Turf Application

Get your lawn started off on the right foot and prevent summer weeds from establishing with a well-timed spring weed and feed

The Weed

Most summer annual weeds, especially crabgrass, can be prevented from ever surfacing with this application.   In a spring weed and feed, a slow release pre-emergent herbicide is applied with the fertilizer in a granular form.  This creates a barrier of herbicide on the surface of the soil profile within your lawn.  As a weed seed germinates and starts to sprout towards the surface, it will come into contact with the barrier of herbicide and die.  This is far and away the most effective method for controlling crabgrass weeds in your lawn because post emergence control needs to take place in a short time window when the plant is not yet fully mature.  Post emergence applications can also be injurious and can discolor the desirable turf.  Timing is crucial when applying a spring pre-emergence treatment.  Applications should take place when the soil temperature is 50 to 55 degrees.  A good indicator of this is the Forsythia bloom.  We as landscape professionals often use yellow flowers to perfectly time our pre-emergence applications in all different parts of our service area.

The Feed

The second part of our favorite spring lawn application is the fertilization.  Fertilizing in the spring provides a number of healthy benefits to turf.  A spring fertilization will give a quick “green up” that will have you yard looking great.  Fertilizing in the spring will also strengthen our lawn’s root system to choke out any weeds and quickly recover from high traffic and drought.  Cedar Springs takes a professional approach to fertilizing.  After taking a soil sample and analyzing the deficiencies and imbalances in the soil, we can create a custom fertilization plan unique to your lawn for optimum results.  This also prevents over fertilizing which can be costly, damaging to the turf, and harmful to the environment. 

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